The Norwegian Research Centre for Solar Cell Technology (Solar United) (completed)

This centre is a consortium that aims at further developing the strong Norwegian photovoltaic  industry, and producing substantial contributions towards making solar energy a significant renewable energy source. The nodes of this consortium are IFE, NTNU, SINTEF and UiO, together with the Norwegian photovoltaic industry.

About the project

The global photovoltaic industry is a rapidly growing and highly competitive, innovation-based sector. Continuous innovation and increased economies of scale are gradually making solar electricitycompetitive compared with other means of electricity production. This results in the implementation of more solar energy systems, which in turn will make a significant contribution to the global reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. The Norwegian photovoltaic industry has become an important contributor to this development.

This industry needs easy access to world-class competence in order to continue its impact on the development of solar energy as a global energy source. The ambition of Solar United is to become a world leader in photovoltaic research and education by joining and strengthening the major photovoltaic research groups in Norway. Solar United focuses on developing fundamental knowledge along the entire solar cell value chain. This forms a basis for innovative technical solutions that increase the cost-competiveness by reducing production costs and/or increasing the efficiency of solar cells.

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The overall objective of the Solar United is to give companies in the Norwegian photovoltaic industry a long-term access to world leading technological and scientific expertise - and thereby enabling this industry to become one of the most important land-based industries in Norway.

Researcher school

In connection with the Solar United centre, a researcher school is established. The intention with this school is to strengthen both academic and industrial activities in photovoltaic technology and education.

Read more about the researcher school here.

The consortium partners

Other research partners:

Industry partners:



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Centre manager: Erik Stensrud Marstein (IFE)

UiO's representative in the Centre management
team: Edouard Monakhov


Detailed list of participants