Nettsider med emneord «Railway regulations»

Publisert 13. jan. 2018 16:10

"In 2017, bugs banned people from Twitter, secretly recorded them in their homes, and even caused a train crash. Is there anything they can’t do?"

Publisert 10. okt. 2016 20:38

The RailCons project has partnered with the Oxford team behind the powerful incremental verification for datalog and semantic web reasoning tool RDFox lead by Professor Boris Motik.

Publisert 9. juni 2016 10:56

The work of Bjørnar Luteberget, Christian Johansen, and Martin Steffen (from PMA and ConSeRNS groups at IFI) won the Best Paper Award at the 12th International Conference on Integrated Formal Methods, which was held in Iceland in June.