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Seismic arrays are installations where several seismic sensors are typically distributed over an aperture covering up to 10 km or more. Routine array signal processing is applied to the data streams recorded. This generates near-realtime estimates of direction-of-arrival for impinging signals that, for example, are due to earthquakes.

Globally, seismic data from arrays have proven to be of great value, for example, in characterization of earthquakes, in monitoring that the nuclear test-ban-treaties to limit nuclear testing, in vulcanology, in glaciology, in monitoring CO2 storage sites, and beyond.

Multi function plastic machine from "Precious Plastic Canaries"
Publisert 10. sep. 2022 10:31

The Sustainability Lab at IFI owns a so-called Precious Plastic machine, which includes a shredder, an injector, and an extruder. The machine is used to recycle plastic materials, such as left-overs from IFI’s 3D-printers, and to form them into new plastic artefacts. The machine can be seen in the Sonen @ IFI and during the upcoming “plastic day” on 30th September at the library at IFI.

Map of powerplants around Mo i Rana
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The combination of green growth and digitalization is presented as the transition needed towards a more sustainable future (EU Science Hub, 2022). 

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The PLUMBIN' project is a cross-disciplinary collaboration between high-energy physics and statistics aimed at making powerful computational tools for exploring the fundamental constituents of the Universe.


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Bayesian methods have recently regained a significant amount of attention in the machine community due to the development of scalable approximate Bayesian inference techniques. There are several advantages of using Bayesian approach: Parameter and prediction uncertainty become easily available, facilitating rigid statistical analysis. Furthermore, prior knowledge can be incorporated.

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For mer info om dette prosjektet, se den engelske siden.

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Visualisation of energy data
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Can we make people more aware of energy consumption? In other countries, people are aware of their energy use because energy is expensive or only accessible a few hours per day. How to do this in Norway where relatively cheap energy is available 24/7? In this master project, a team of students will work towards an installation in which energy consumption is visualised – and maybe even heard or felt – in a creative and informative manner.

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Squarehead Technology is a world leader in precision acoustic detection. Their technology utilizes an array of microphones and beamforming to provide spatial filtering and awareness.  Loosely speaking, we can provide a superhearing ability by pinpointing the direction of a given sound source, and classify the type of sound we’re listening to.

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