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The CMB&CO research group at the University of Oslo focuses on data analysis of past, current and future cosmological data sets. We are a large and active community working together to model and understand the physics of the universe from the Milky Way to the Big Bang. Currently the group consists of:

  • 3 permanent staff members,
  • 6 post-doctoral fellows and researchers,
  • 10 PhD students,
  • and 2 Master students.

We have a collaborative work environment with active mentoring, frequent group meetings and a social atmosphere, and value a gender balanced and inclusive environment.

Central research projects include COMAP, LiteBIRD, PASIPHAE, Planck, and SPIDER, and multi-experiment work is highly encouraged.

The group has a large international network of collaborators, and group members have many opportunities to travel and collaborate with researchers at other institutions.

Many of the CMB&CO group members in october 2020


Overview of Current Projects

On September 2, 2021 the CMB&CO group gave an overview of our current and planned projects to the prospective Masters students.

Speaker Topic Slides
Ingunn Wehus Overview of the CMB&CO Group Overview
Mathew Galloway BeyondPlanck BeyondPlanck
Håvard Tveit Ihle Comap Comap
Ragnhild Aurlien LiteBIRD LiteBIRD
Duncan Watts Cosmoglobe Cosmoglobe
Various Cosmoglobe Projects Cosmoglobe Projects



Tags: Kosmologi, cosmology, CMB, intensity mapping, component separation, Cosmoglobe, COMAP, LiteBIRD, PASIPHAE, SPIDER
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