Jan-Erik Solheim (ITA): Astronomy and Climate: Is the global warming antropogenic or natural?



According to our political leaders, Nobel Laureate Al Gore, and almost all scientists there is a consensus that the global temperature is raising to a level which is catastrophic for our survival. I have spent some time looking more closely at the facts – i.e. what is observed, and the science which this doomsday scenario is based on. My conclusion is that even if we the last 10 years emitted an increasing volume of CO2, which has made the atmospheric level of CO2 increase more than 25 %, the so called global temperature has not increased. This means that the climate models which are used for political decisions of far range, has not been able to predict correctly even the first part of the 100 year range they are supposed to forecast. In addition, the hypothetical connection between CO2 and temperature increase is based on unproven physics, i.e some kind of feed-back which is not proven scientifically. We should therefore investigate other explanations of the climate changes we observe.

In the year of astronomy it is natural to look at the Sun, and how solar activity and other astronomical events interact with the Earth, and determine our climate. Since study of the Sun is the most important topic at our institute, we should all be well informed about this connection.

Publisert 10. aug. 2009 15:57 - Sist endret 15. juni 2011 13:45