Nils Voje Johansen (Department of Mathematics, UiO): Gotfred Bohr and his Observatory in Bergen 1814-1832



Gotfred Bohr was born in Denmark in 1773 and came to Christiania (Oslo) in 1794 as a teacher. Later on he made a living in Bergen as an church organist and as a teacher of mathematics. Around 1814 he got interested in astronomy and established a small observatory in Bergen, the only one in Norway at the time. Two years later he met Christopher Hansteen, then professor of applied mathematics and astronomy at the newly established University of Oslo. Hansteen recognized in Bohr "a man that could make good observations even with bad instruments". On an initiative from the university it was decided that Bohr should receive a yearly salary for doing astronomical observations in Bergen. Many of his observations were published in magazines such as Schumacher's "Astronomishe Nachrichten" and The journal of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences

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