Fredagskollokvium: Friday Mingle

Preserving traditions is important, not least barely born traditions, such as the Minglemøte, meant to be at the end of every month containing an ‘r’ (plus perhaps some more). In any case, we’re having another, next Friday Sepember 11 in the lobby. There will be cake and coffee, and there will be (only two this time, to give a chance of having some actual mingling going on) presentations. Notably a summary of the two SFF (Center of Excellence) proposals that the ITA will be sending in this fall: On the “Oslo Cosmology Center" and on  “The Rosseland Centre for Solar Physics” and what they could mean for the institute.

All are invited, we need critical acclaim and perhaps some constructive criticism as well.

Mer info kommer.

Publisert 2. sep. 2015 12:16 - Sist endret 4. sep. 2015 13:20