Prøveforelesning: Lluis Mas Ribas

M. Sc. Lluis Mas Ribas ved Institutt for teoretisk astrofysikk avholder prøveforelesning over oppgitt emne: Studying the Circumgalactic Medium with Quasar Absorption Lines


The circumgalactic medium is the region around galaxies that connect them to the larger cosmic scales, and its study is at the forefront of current research because it is nowadays clear that it reveals crucial information not only about the formation and evolution of galaxies, but also about the impact of these on the general properties of our Universe. This lecture will review and present the state of the art knowledge on this topic, focusing on studies of the circumgalactic medium that make use of the absorption signatures that this gaseous region imprints in the light of bright active black holes (quasars). The talk will be directed to a non-expert audience, and will serve as a complementary introduction to the thesis defense that will discuss our proposed novel methods for studying the circumgalactic medium in emission.


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Publisert 21. aug. 2018 09:19 - Sist endret 7. feb. 2020 16:04