Sist endret 13. juni 2016 13:05 av brendaaa@uio.no

Coronal Heating by Magnetic Reconnection, Calculations of Quasi-Separatrix Layers

Sist endret 7. juni 2016 14:35 av brendaaa@uio.no

The Reduced Visibility of Lyα Flux from Galaxies at z > 6 due to Evolving Gas Kinematics

Sist endret 25. okt. 2019 13:09 av Martina D`Angelo

New AlterBBN: A Code for Big Bang Nucleosynthesis with Light Dark Matter

Sist endret 8. juni 2016 11:29 av brendaaa@uio.no

A Statistical Analysis of Strong Gravitational Lensing in Planck Sunyaev Zel’dovich Selected Galaxy Clusters

Sist endret 6. juni 2016 15:15 av brendaaa@uio.no

Late Kinetic Decoupling of Dark Matter

Sist endret 6. juni 2016 15:03 av brendaaa@uio.no

Distinguishing screening mechanisms with environment-dependent velocity statistics

Sist endret 25. okt. 2019 13:09 av Martina D`Angelo

Being a Bat in Space; Measuring Distances Inside Active Galactic Nuclei Using Reverberation Mapping

Sist endret 8. sep. 2016 14:35 av brendaaa@uio.no

Massive neutrinos and spherical collapse in ΛCDM and DGP gravity

Sist endret 13. sep. 2016 10:00 av brendaaa@uio.no

Analysis on foreground cleaning methods for the CMB; Locating the residuals by correlation