Sist endret 5. juni 2014 13:31 av Lill Kristin Theodorsen

Chromospheric Microjets in the Penumbra of a Sunspot

Sist endret 31. okt. 2018 15:44 av Martina D`Angelo

Probing Modified Gravity in Cosmic Filaments

Sist endret 7. juni 2018 12:35 av Brenda Apili Atubo

Origins, distribution and kinematics of circumgalactic O VI around L* galaxies

Sist endret 7. jan. 2015 13:20 av Brenda Apili Atubo

Imaging the Solar Chromosphere with the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array

Sist endret 13. juni 2016 13:05 av Brenda Apili Atubo

Coronal Heating by Magnetic Reconnection, Calculations of Quasi-Separatrix Layers

Sist endret 7. juni 2016 14:35 av Brenda Apili Atubo

The Reduced Visibility of Lyα Flux from Galaxies at z > 6 due to Evolving Gas Kinematics

Sist endret 6. juni 2019 08:16 av Brenda Apili Atubo

Thermal Dust Emission in the Microwave Frequency Range

Sist endret 7. feb. 2019 08:56 av Brenda Apili Atubo

Investigating the stability of neutron stars subject to small radial oscillations under the presence of the Symmetron

Sist endret 24. juni 2020 16:19 av Martina D`Angelo

Tracing the Interstellar Medium using extinction and polarisation

Sist endret 4. juni 2013 11:08 av Lill Kristin Theodorsen

Investigation of Dynamic Fibrils in H-Alpha 6563 and CA II 8542

Sist endret 23. sep. 2019 09:50 av Agnes Midttun

Space-based weak gravitational lensing measurements of lensing-selected clusters

Sist endret 11. juni 2019 13:30 av Agnes Midttun

Line-Intensity Mapping with COMAP

Sist endret 11. juni 2019 13:58 av Agnes Midttun

Modelling Lyman-α Emission from Star Forming Galaxies at High Redshift Using Cosmological Simulations

Sist endret 25. okt. 2019 13:09 av Martina D`Angelo

New AlterBBN: A Code for Big Bang Nucleosynthesis with Light Dark Matter

Sist endret 18. juni 2013 14:25 av Lill Kristin Theodorsen

Dark Energy with an Anisotropic Equation of State

Sist endret 8. juni 2016 11:29 av Brenda Apili Atubo

A Statistical Analysis of Strong Gravitational Lensing in Planck Sunyaev Zel’dovich Selected Galaxy Clusters

Sist endret 18. juni 2013 14:24 av Lill Kristin Theodorsen

Non-metric Quintessence

Sist endret 13. des. 2019 09:15 av Agnes Midttun

Galactic Chemical Evolution of R-process Elements in Cosmological Simulations

Sist endret 25. okt. 2019 13:08 av Martina D`Angelo

Spherical collapse in ΛCDM, Chameleon and Symmetron models