Frans-Jan Parmentier receives the Fægri award

CBA researcher receives the Fægri award for his popular science essay about permafrost.

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Each year, the Fægri award is given to the writer of the best text published in Naturen that year. CBA is very proud that for 2021, the award goes to our researcher Frans-Jan Parmentier for his text about permafrost in the CBA special issue of Naturen

The jury writes:

"Frans-Jan Parmentier communicates in a great way what permafrost is, and discusses the impacts the possible thawing of permafrost might have on the climate. The article gives the reader an interesting and useful overview, and teaches us something new. His writing is good and easy to understand, and thus invites the reader into the secrets of the permafrost."

The award is given to one researcher and one student each year, and the senior award is 10 000 NOK.

Parmentier's essay can now be read freely here (link to Naturen web page with the essay).

Contact information to Frans-Jan Parmentier


Published Dec. 9, 2021 4:42 PM - Last modified Mar. 2, 2022 12:37 PM