Research in Svalbard: An APECS workshop

The Association for Polar Early Career Scientists (APECS) is organizing a 1 day workshop (Monday 4 Nov) in connection with the Svalbard Science Conference. The workshop aims to bring together early career and established researchers with any interest in research or field work on Svalbard. 

Tøyen hovedgård, University of Oslo

Looking for the 2021 workshop? --> click here

Numerous international and interdisciplinary research projects are carried out in Svalbard every year. Projects include both senior and early career researchers (ECRs), some of whom may have never previously set foot on the archipelago. To foster cooperation among all scientists, it is essential to share information and data on the recent and future research conducted in Svalbard, as well as tips on accessibility, logistics and funding. 

This free workshop will include talks from keynote speakers and participants. The day will conclude with a poster and networking session for all - we encourage all to contribute with a poster describing with your own Svalbard and Arctic research and/or interests!

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Photo: Grace Shephard (CEED, UiO)

Applications for travel support and registration have now closed but last minute attendees should email Grace (contact info below).

Lunch, coffee and evening tapas-style reception is provided during the 1-day workshop.

Organizers: APECS Norway, APECS Russia, UK Polar Network; and with administrative support from the Centre for Earth Evolution and Dynamics (CEED, UiO).
Funding: Norwegian Research Council through the Svalbard Science Forum.

Photo: Kate Selway (CEED, UiO)

Central Themes:
1. Logistics and Funding
2. Environment
3. Data Sharing and Outreach
4. Svalbard Science and Research

Confirmed Keynote Speakers:

  • Ann Christin Auestad (UNIS)
  • Hans Arne Nakrem (Natural History Museum, UiO)
  • Edina Pózer (UiO Science Library) 
  • Susan Barr (ICOMOS International Polar Heritage Committee)
  • Jørn H. Hurum (Natural History Museum, UiO)
  • Nick Cox (British-Antarctic Survey, BAS)
  • Christiane Hübner (Svalbard Integrated Arctic Earth Observing System (SIOS))
  • Nikita Demidov (Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute (AARI) and Russian Academy of Sciences RAS)
  • Yuri Ugrymov (Chief of the Russian Arctic Expedition on Spitsbergen and AARI Deputy Director for Expedition Activity)
  • Kyle Mayers (NORCE Norwegian Research Centre AS)
  • Representative from Norwegian Research Council/Svalbard Science Conference

Schedule (additional changes to come):
Download program and poster presentations: link



Image may contain: Estate, Property, Building, Mansion, House.Venue:
Tøyen hovedgård within the Oslo Botanical Gardens. Closest T-bane metro station is Tøyen (10 minutes walk).



Organizing Committee:
APECS Norway: Grace Shephard, Ruth Vingerhagen, Hannah Marie Hernandez 
UK Polar Network: Anna Belcher, Robynne Nowicki, Chelsey Baker, Kyle Mayers
APECS Russia: Yulia Zaika, Vasili Efimov


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For any enquiries please contact Grace Shephard (UiO, APECS Norway President) at grace[dot]shephard[at]


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