Field work

We are lucky at CEES to have a permanent field worker employed; Staff Engineer Anders Herland. Anders assists in field work for CEES staff. He cannot assist in all projects at the CEES, as his time is limited. His main field activities are organized through the CEES-field group – being chaired by Prof. Atle Mysterud. In January/February each year, a schedule for Anders Herland the coming field season is set up based on requests from researchers at CEES. Requests should be sent to Atle Mysterud by 31 January each year. We try to let Anders share his time in a fair manner between groups/among core members, so it is best if this is organized through your supervisor/professor.

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Field workers employed outside the University of Oslo: Personnel who do not receive a salary from the University will NOT be covered by the University of Oslo insurance. They are responsible for their own insurance cover.

Students: Students have obligatory cover for occupational injury under the National Insurance Scheme. However, these rules do NOT provide complete coverage for occupational injury.

The Act relating to industrial injury does NOT apply to students.

The University is liable for injuries only in specific circumstances: damage caused due to unsafe procedures of University of Oslo employees and damage that may have occured as a result of technical error with equipment etc., during fieldwork.

Students who would like the same coverage as University employees must obtain their own travel and personal injury insurance cover.

Foreign students are not automatically covered by the National Insurance Scheme services. These students must contact their local employment office (NAV) for more information.

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