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Please remember to contact the CEES lab board ( if you have students or other associates who are going to use the CEES-labs. The lab board will arrange the mandatory introduction to the labs. 

CEES lab guidelines, routines and regulations

  • Folder (pdf, March 2012 version)

As the CEES lab is a multi-user facility, it is necessary to state how the lab works and which rules apply during various activities. In this folder you will find information regarding the laboratory routines and regulations, handling of chemicals and safety instructions. The purpose of this document is to ensure that all persons follow the same rules and procedures in the CEES laboratory areas. You are obliged to work as per the guidelines given below and by signing a form you have stated that you have read and understood all the information in this folder. Please read the text carefully and make sure that you understand everything, before you begin your work. Take your time to get everything right and never hesitate to ask if you have any questions or suggestions regarding our routines and safety. We all want good laboratory results!

Please also note the fire instructions and the contact/emergency phone numbers posted at the inside of the entrance door in every lab.

Ultrahigh Throughput Sequencing Platform: Laboratory routines and more

This document contains information about our routines, instruments, chemicals and safety instructions at the 454 labs at CEES, University of Oslo. By reading and consenting to the regulations stated in this document we will ensure that everyone working in the 454 labs follow the same general guidelines. Since the 454 labs are partly integrated in other CEES labs (in terms of some of the procedures being done), nobody will be allowed working in the 454 labs without prior training and knowledge about general CEES‐Lab routines (see above).

Also consult our HSE (HMS) page.


The CEES lab board


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