Fifty years in science: From student to professor – an academic cabaret

A conference covering topics Nils Chr. Stenseth has worked on. Open to whoever would like to attend. Please register!

Photo of Nils Christian Stenseth.

Nils Chr. Stenseth

Limited number of seats. Please register by Friday 1 November at noon. (You will be under registered the condition that seats are available). If you have already confirmed your participation directly to Nils Chr. Stenseth, you do not have to register using this form.

Registration is now closed. If you still want to participate, please contact Nils Chr. Stenseth by e-mail.


  • The ecology and evolution of organisms under external environmental forcing
  • The ecology and evolution of plague, dengue, anthrax, hantavirus as well as agricultural plagues under external environmental forcing
  • (Lunch)
  • The ecology of macroevolution
  • Studies – and academic work – further south… 
  • On Nils Chr.: His work and personality

Detailed program (pdf).





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