Seminar in behavioural ecology, in honor of Professor Tore Slagsvold's retirement

On behalf of Professor Slagsvold we would like to invite you all to this special seminar on December 7th. Thirteen former students of Slagsvold will give short presentations of their current research. Open for all!



12.15 Nils Christian Stenseth (CEES)


12.25 Jan T. Lifjeld

The pied flycatcher and the Art of Science

12.45 Lars Erik Johannessen

From song learning and promiscuity to frozen DNA archives

13.00 Arild Johnsen

Sperm competition in birds: From individual to sperm behaviour

13.15 Trond Amundsen

On family and sex life: Homage to Tore

13.30 Ane Eriksen

From backyard songbirds to outback bears and backyard wolves

13.45 Bo Terning Hansen

From behavioural ecology to cancer epidemiology

14.00 Coffee break

14.30 Bernt-Erik Sæther

Evolution of avian clutch sizes: the role of density dependence

14.45 Svein Dale

From bigamous male pied flycatchers to lonely male ortolan buntings

15.00 Geir Sonerud

Evolution of parental roles and sexual size dimorphism in provisioning birds: New insight from studies of prey handling in  raptors

15.15 Magne Husby

Corvids and other interesting birds

15.30 Hildegunn Viljugrein

Tick-borne diseases, chronic wasting disease and salmon lice: Some aspects of epidemiology

15.45 Øistein Haugsten Holen

The evolution of host defences against cuckoo parasitism: Flexibility is key

16.00 Glenn-Peter Sætre

The role of hybridization in evolution – a tale of sparrows

16.15 End

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