Oslo Symposium on Ecology, Evolution and Genomics

The inaugural Oslo Symposium on Ecology, Evolution, and Genomics will be held on Thursday, 30 August 2018. The theme is: “Bridging the Fundamentals of Ecology, Evolution, and Genomics: Challenges and Solutions”. The co-organisers are CEES Chair Nils Chr. Stenseth and CEES Researcher Jeffrey Hutchings (Dalhousie University, Canada).

Detailed programme (pdf)

Note that the registration desk opens at 08.00. The first talk (Welcome and Introduction) starts at 09.00.

This year's Oslo Symposium on Ecology, Evolution and Genomics will feature six invited plenary talks followed by a poster session for interested attendees.

Keynote speaker

Spencer Barrett (University of Toronto, Toronto, CANADA) 

Plenary speakers

Per Ahlberg (Uppsala University, Uppsala, SWEDEN) 
Kirsten Bomblies (John Innes Centre, Norwich, UK) 
Felicity Jones (Friedrich Miescher Laboratory, Max Plank Institute, Tübingen, GERMANY)
Anna Kuparinen (University of Jyväskylä, Jyväskylä, FINLAND)
Judith Mank (University College London, UK; University of British Columbia, CANADA)
Rebekah Oomen (Dalhousie University, Halifax, CANADA; CEES, University of Oslo, NORWAY)


  • Genomic insights on the ecology and evolution of plant sexual diversity (Barrett)
  • The genomic causes and consequences of sexual conflict (Mank)
  • Complex eco-evolutionary dynamics of aquatic species and ecosystems (Kuparinen)
  • 400 million years of landmarks: using fossil morphologies to unravel the origin of the jawed vertebrate face (Ahlberg)
  • Genomic predictions of responses to environmental change (Oomen)
  • The adaptive evolution of meiosis in Arabidopsis arenosa (Bomblies)
  • The genomic basis of natural population variation: future challenges given fast, big data (Jones)

Format and objectives

The plenaries will allow time for contemplative, but provocative, presentations and discussions. In preparing their talks, the invited speakers have been asked to think broadly about fundamental questions in ecology and evolution for which genomics has played an integral role. Speakers also have been asked to look ahead to identify questions that might soon be answerable, to identify challenges that might affect such research progress, and to offer solutions and ideas as to how the scientific community might best proceed.

The plenary talks will be followed by a poster session by interested graduate students, postdocs, and established researchers.


There is no registration fee for attending the Oslo Symposium. However, because of seating-capacity restrictions, attendees do need to register their names and affiliations.


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