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Announcement of the idea competition featuring a coronavirus-shaped lightbulb
Published Apr. 3, 2020 3:35 PM

Inven2 is organizing an exceptional idea competition due to the ongoing pandemic. Are you a student or employee at the University of Oslo or in the South-Eastern Norway Regional Health Authority and have a good idea for an innovative product or service? Then you can take part in the Idea Prize and win NOK 100,000 as well as advice and help to take the idea to market.

Illustrasjoner av videomøter
Published Apr. 1, 2020 11:15 AM

Recently, UiO started using Zoom for both digital teaching and video meetings, and the use of Zoom at UiO has seen tremendous growth in the past weeks. But with the use of new tools new questions arise. Here, UiO's head of IT security Espen Grøndahl answers the most important questions.

Picture showing rocks with three light grey lines that are three examples of the shear zones described in the paper.
Published Mar. 19, 2020 11:18 AM

Deep intracontinental earthquakes are poorly understood, despite their potential to cause significant destruction. In a recently published article in Nature Communications, a study done in Lofoten by an international project led by Njord's Luca Menegon, has shed new light on the mechanisms through which earthquakes are triggered up to 40km beneath the earth’s surface. With the insight from this study, researchers hope to be able to help at-risk communities in the future from the danger these earthquakes poses.

tegnefilm, epletre, barn
Publisert 18. mars 2020 12:09

When I think back on all the good parts of being a child, few things beat the sensation of sitting on my parents' shoulders. The empowering moment when they lifted me above their heads for me to loom over everyone else. Reaching for my neighbors' apples and being small enough that it was considered charming instead of theft. Those were the days.

Published Mar. 16, 2020 10:26 AM

The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs is encouraging all Norwegian citizens traveling abroad to consider traveling home as soon as possible, in a safe and calm manner, in consultation with their travel agency or airline.

Publisert 11. mars 2020 17:16

Astrofysisk institutt har et veldig internasjonalt miljø, og har mange samarbeid på tvers av landegrenser. En av fordelene med dette, er at det er store sjanser for å få dra ut på spennende reiser i løpet av mastergraden sin. Selv er jeg masterstudent med på COMAP eksperimentet, som samarbeider med folk fra blant annet USA, England og Canada. Og i februar var jeg så heldig at jeg fikk være med på tur til California!

Image may contain: Job, Typing, Writing instrument accessory, Hand, Learning.
Published Mar. 10, 2020 10:18 AM

The journal packages from PsycARTICLES and the ProQuest Health Research Premium Collection are no longer available after March 1, 2020. At UiO and OUS, we have had access to these journal packages through "Helsebiblioteket". Update as of March 23: The library has now set up the Get It Now service to access articles.

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Published Mar. 4, 2020 2:13 PM

As a budding astrophysicist with a self-admitted tendency towards introspection, I often find myself reflecting on the steps I’ve taken to get to this spot in my career, the challenges I’ve faced, and how reality differs so spectacularly from expectation.  

In short, and to put it colloquially, life is nonlinear AF. 

Publisert 25. feb. 2020 17:08

Space is quite the distance away for us humans on Earth. So naturally, when you tell someone you study astrophysics, they go “that must be awfully theoretical?”. In some cases yes, but it does not have to be. 

The University of Oslo Library with NGWM-conference banners: Hans Arne Nakrem/UiO
Published Jan. 17, 2020 3:34 PM

The 34. Nordic Geological Winter Meeting (NGWM20) was held 8-10. January 2020 at University of Oslo. For the first time this big meeting had a session dedicated for "Geoeducation" on the programme. With over 50 participants the session was well visited. Here are some photos. 

Image may contain: Earth, World, Globe.
Published Jan. 15, 2020 7:49 AM

Earth’s relief is in continuous change; mountains are eroded by wind and water, the valleys, seas and oceans are filling up with the scoured sediments, and the continents get thinner or thicker during these processes. But this is not all! Deep down, sometimes hundred of kilometres from the surface, much slower forces at work carving the continents upside down. New work published in Nature Communications reveals just that for Africa!