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  • sst_soup_20070808_limb_halpha_p700_color150x150pxl The "Science of EST" ep.3: Spicules Jan. 21, 2020 2:26 PM

    We need the extreme capabilities of the European Solar Telescope in order to fully understand the role of spicules in the mass transport and heating of the outer solar atmosphere.

  • inngange_til_ub_med_bannero-550px Success for the 1st Geoeducation-session at NGWM Jan. 17, 2020 3:34 PM

    The 34. Nordic Geological Winter Meeting (NGWM20) was held 8-10. January 2020 at the University of Oslo. For the first time it was a own session for "Geoeducation" on the programme. With over 50 participants this was well visited. Here are some photos.

  • cell1 Upside–down erosion by mantle plumes Jan. 15, 2020 7:49 AM

    Earth’s relief is in continuous change; mountains are eroded by wind and water, the valleys, seas and oceans are filling up with the scoured sediments, and the continents get thinner or thicker during these processes. But this is not all! Deep down, sometimes hundred of kilometres from the surface, much slower forces at work carving the continents upside down. New work published in Nature Communications reveals just that for Africa!