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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Lars Eivind Augland Augland, Lars Eivind Researcher +47 22856926 95700108 Isotop geology, Structural geology
Picture of Erlend Aunan Aunan, Erlend Doctoral Research Fellow +47-90217255 Chemistry, Catalysis, SMN
Picture of Snorre Aunet Aunet, Snorre Professor II +47 22852703 +4790013264 Nano- og mikroteknologi
Picture of Claire Olga Maryse Aupart Aupart, Claire Olga Maryse
Aurbakken, Einar Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Ragnhild Aurlien Aurlien, Ragnhild Doctoral Research Fellow Astronomy and Astrophysics, Cosmology, Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB)
Picture of Marius Aursnes Aursnes, Marius Senior Lecturer +47 22855598 Medicinal chemistry, Chemistry, Life Science, Synthetic organic chemistry, Lipid chemistry, Toxicology
Picture of Andreas Austeng Austeng, Andreas Professor +47-22852741 ultrasound, sonar, beamforming, signal processing, artificial intelligence, deep learning, machine learning
Picture of Håkon Olaf Austrheim Austrheim, Håkon Olaf +47 22856485 Metamorphic petrology, Geology
Picture of Deniz Avsar Avsar, Deniz Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Hema Awasthi Awasthi, Hema Adviser +47 22852417 School of Pharmacy, Economical reports, project economy, budget and applications
Picture of Eyvind Wærsted Axelsen Axelsen, Eyvind Wærsted Associate Professor
Picture of Hussein Ayedh Ayedh, Hussein +47 22840937 SMN, Physics, LENS
Picture of Joseph Azumah Azumah, Joseph Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22856557
Picture of Helle Tessand Baalsrud Baalsrud, Helle Tessand Postdoctoral Fellow
Picture of Adam Roman Babinski Babinski, Adam Roman Senior Engineer +47 22856565 +47 97501770 Local IT support, Purchasing
Picture of Kristian Backer-Owe Backer-Owe, Kristian Senior Engineer +47 22856640
Bagga, Sumit Associate Professor
Picture of Irfan Baig Baig, Irfan Postdoctoral Fellow +47 22856695
Picture of Manon Julietto Andree Bajard Bajard, Manon Julietto Andree Researcher Erosion, Geochemistry, lake, Sedimentology, soil, Paleoclimate, Viking Age
Picture of Azzeddine Bakdi Bakdi, Azzeddine Postdoctoral Fellow Statistics and biostatistics, Statistics, Fault detection, Big data, Industrial systems
Picture of Haakon C. Bakka Bakka, Haakon C. Postdoctoral Fellow
Picture of Hege Gilbø Bakke Bakke, Hege Gilbø Head Engineer +47 22858156
Picture of Helle Bakke Bakke, Helle Doctoral Research Fellow Solar Physics, Solar Corona, Solar Chromosphere, Simulations, Observations
Picture of Kjetil Bakke Bakke, Kjetil Senior Engineer +47 22856699 +47 91360385 IT support