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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Da Conceiçao, Arlindo Flavio Postdoctoral Fellow +47 98435287
Picture of Geir Dahl Dahl, Geir Head of Department +47 22855835 +47 90640373 Mathematics
Picture of Kristina Rognlien Dahl Dahl, Kristina Rognlien Associate Professor +47 22854183 Mathematics, Stochastic analysis and finance and insurance and risk
Picture of Håkon Dahle Dahle, Håkon Guest Researcher 22 85 75 31 93 26 63 31 Astronomy and Astrophysics, Cosmology, Galaxies, Observations, Nordic Optical Telescope, USA, Nordic
Picture of Andrea Dalmao Fernandez Dalmao Fernandez, Andrea Postdoctoral Fellow +47 93003271
Dalseng, Carmen Celine Tyndale From
Damsgård, Leif Researcher
Danieli, Krubeal Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Håvard Emil Danielsen Danielsen, Håvard Emil Professor II +47-22934000 +47-90608723
Dapsance, Florian Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Tamal Das Das, Tamal Researcher +4797365872 SMN
Picture of Robert Oscar David David, Robert Oscar Researcher Clouds, Holography, Ice nucleation, Meteorology
Picture of Anne Hope Davis Davis, Anne Hope Postdoctoral Fellow
Picture of Erna Davydova Davydova, Erna Researcher +47 22859065
Picture of Amir Masoud Dayaghi Dayaghi, Amir Masoud Researcher +47-48678230 SMN
Picture of Riccardo De Bin De Bin, Riccardo Associate Professor +47 22855859 +47-22855859 Statistics, Statistics and biostatistics
Picture of Bart  Walter De Pontieu De Pontieu, Bart Walter Adjunct Professor Astronomy and Astrophysics, Solar Physics
Picture of Davide Decataldo Decataldo, Davide Postdoctoral Fellow
Picture of Gerald Leo Decelles Iii Decelles Iii, Gerald Leo Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Sven Claudio Matthias Decker Decker, Sven Claudio Matthias Doctoral Research Fellow
Dehnes, Yvette Associate Professor
Picture of Dereje Tesfaye Delkaso Delkaso, Dereje Tesfaye
Picture of Cecilie Rolstad Denby Denby, Cecilie Rolstad Head of Department +47 22842221 40921584
Denjean, Aurore Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Anteneh Assefa Desalegn Desalegn, Anteneh Assefa Researcher 92525834 Perinatal epidemiology, pharmacoepidemiology, environmental epidemiology, risk/safety assessment of chemicals and drugs, and drugs safety in pregnancy.