Data Science Network

The Data Science Network at the University of Oslo consists of several departments, centres, research groups and individual researchers spread across multiple faculties. In addition, UiO has ties to outside Data Science networks.

UiO Data Science Network

Department of Informatics

The Department of Informatics researches and teaches in the fields of machine learning, language recognition, and formal modelling.

Department of Mathematics

The Department of Mathematics researches and teaches in the fields of machine learning and statistical inference.

Big Insight

BigInsight is an SFI for Statistics for the knowledge economy.


SIRIUS is an SFI for Scalable Data Access in the Oil and Gas Domain.


DataScience@UiO is one of the UiO Innovation Clusters. It consists of four PhD Research Fellows working on different aspects of Data Science. The cluster is on of the bridges between the Departments of Informatics and Mathematics, which each hosts two of the positions.

Data Science for the Life Sciences

Data Science for Physics and Astrophysics

Other Networks

Oslo Data Science Meetup

Several of our researchers and students attend this Meetup, which is attended by a wide range of Data Scientists and Data Science enthusiasts.

Have we missed you?

If you belong to a Data Science network at or connected to UiO, and which is not listed, please contact our website editor.

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