Multi-disciplinary University Traditional Health Initiative (MUTHI) (completed)

About the project

Multi-disciplinary University Traditional Health Initiative (MUTHI): Building Sustainable Research Capacity on Plants for Better Public Health in Africa

MUTHI is a Coordination and Support Action project under the EC’s 7th Framework Programme (Health). The overall objective of the project is to create sustainable research capacity and research networks between the participants in Africa, collaborating neighbouring institutions, and the European project participants to obtain improved health in Africa. The primary object of research is traditional medicine. MUTHI is led by Professor Berit Smestad Paulsen.

Project duration: 2011.01.01 - 2014.12.31


The MUTHIs consortium consists of Universitetet i Oslo, Norway; Universitetet i Bergen, Norway; Université de Bamako, Mali; Makerere University, Uganda; University of Western Cape, South Africa; Universiteit van die Vrystaat, South Africa; Universiteit van Amsterdam, The Netherlands; The University of Oxford, UK.

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