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Professor emeritus
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Room Vest 124
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Visiting address Physics Building Sem Sælandsvei 24 0371 Oslo

Academic Interests

My field of interest is experimental nuclear physics with the focus on quantum order and chaos in nuclei. The Oslo group has gained a world-leading position in this field of research due to its excellent scientific expertise and the optimal combination of cyclotron beams and advanced detector systems. The research group at the Oslo Cyclotron Laboratory (OCL) has developed a method (the Oslo method) to explore level density and gamma-ray strength functions in nuclei. The group has gained international renown and much attention for its discoveries:

  • experimental evidence for breaking of Bardeen-Cooper-Schrieffer (BCS) pairs and the meltdown of pair correlations in the nucleus
  • measurements of the heat capacity of atomic nuclei
  • discovery of a scissors-like vibration mode in the nucleus and determination of the nature of its electromagnetic decay
  • discovery of an enhanced probability for low-energetic  gamma-radiation in light nuclei
  • study of vibrations of the nucleus’ neutron skin.

These discoveries are essential for astrophysical applications, and in particular for our understanding of the distribution of elements in our solar system. The results are also important for transmutation of radioactive waste.

My contributions have been on the instrumental, methodical and theoretical level. The new particle telescope system (SiRi) is giving about ten times higher efficiency than the previous set-up. The segmented detector chips are designed by us and processed at SINTEF, Oslo. Recently, the development of new scintillator materials such as LaBr3(Ce) has revolutionized the properties of scintillator detectors. These crystals show astonishing properties regarding time, and energy resolution, efficiency and stability against temperature changes. We foresee that an upgrade of our CACTUS gamma-array with these detectors will maintain our role as world-leading in this field. 

I participated in the implementation of positron-emission-tomography (PET) in Norway. To day, this method is offered at the State Hospital (Rikshospitalet) in Oslo. Presently, I am pushing hadron and proton therapy as a tool for future cancer treatment in Norway.


Higher education and employment history

Cand.real. October  01. 1975 at the University of Oslo
Dr. philos.  October 10. 1980 at the University of Oslo

Konsulent (adviser) in NSB
Vit. ass., UiO
Wiss. Mitarbeiter, Univ. of Bonn
NAVF-researcher, UiO
Ass. Prof., UiO
Professor, UiO
Professor emeritus, UiO

01.09.1974 - 01.10.1976
02.10.1976 - 30.12.1980
01.09.1979 - 12.12.1982
01.01.1983 - 28.02.1985
01.03.1985 - 01.05.1993
01.05.1993 - 01.12.2020
01.12.2020 -




Tags: Oslo Cyclotron Laboratory, nuclear physics, radiation physics, nuclear medicine, detectors, Instrumentation


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