Andrey Semchenkov

Senior Engineer - Nuclear and Energy Physics
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Phone +47-22855488 +47-22855076 +47-22856453
Room V312a / OCL El.Lab.
Visiting address Fysikkbygningen Sem Sælands vei 24 0371 OSLO
Postal address Postboks 1048 Blindern 0316 OSLO

Tasks performed

  • Cyclotron operation
  • Developing of cyclotron systems
  • Ion optics
  • Programming control systems (LabView based)
  • Some safety procedures in OCL



  •  1982-1988- Sevastopol Apparatus Institute (Automatic Control Systems).
  •  1990-1993- post graduate courses in St.Petersburg State University (Nuclear Physic Department).
  •  PhD in Physics and mathematics


  • Sevastopol Apparatus Institute, Ukraine
  • Sankt Petersburg State University, Russia
  • JINR, Dubna, Russia
  • GSI, Darmstadt, Germany



Tags: Cyclotron, Control systems, Programming

Selected publications

  1. A.G.Artukh, A.G.Semchenkov (corresponding author) et al., Wide aperture multipole magnets of separator COMBAS, preprint JINR P13-2000-243, submitted to the “Nuclear Instruments and Methods” section A.
  2. Artukh A.G., Semchenkov A.G. (corresponding author) et al., 3D magnetic measurements of the combined function magnets in separator COMBAS. NIM A. –2002. v.479, N 2,3.-p.467-486.
  3. Artukh A.G., Semchenkov A.G. et al. Some regularities in the beam-direct emission of isotopes with 2<Z<11 induced in reactions of  18O (35 A MeV) with Be and Ta. Nucl. Phys. A 701 (2002) 96c- 99c.
  4. Gulbekian G.G., Semchenkov A.G. (corresponding author)  et al. A method of the magnetic field formation in cyclotrons. NUCLEONIKA
  5. Artukh A.G., Semchenkov A.G., et al. (2002) Programm package for accurate 3D reconstruction from boundary measurements. JINR P3-2002-194, Dubna, submitted to NIM A.
  6. A.G.Semchenkov (corresponding author) et al., Mass-analyzer “MASHA” high temperature target and plasma ion source. Proc. On Ion Source conference in Dubna.
  7. L.-L. Andersson, D. Rudolph, P. Golubev, R.-D. Herzberg, R. Hoischen, E. Merchán, D. Ackermann, Ch.E. Düllmann, K. Eberhardt, J. Even, J. Gerl, F.P. Heßberger, E. Jäger, J. Khuyagbaatar, I. Kojouharov, J.V. Kratz, J. Krier, N. Kurz, W. Prokopowicz, M. Schädel, H. Schaffner, B. Schausten, E. Schimpf, A. Semchenkov, A. Türler, H.-J.Wollersheim, A. Yakushev, P. Thörle-Pospiech, W. Hartmann, A. Hübner, B. Lommel, B. Kindler, and J. Steiner
    TASISpec: A Highly Efficient Multi-coincidence Spectrometer for Nuclear Structure Investigations of the Heaviest Nuclei
  8. Ch. E. Düllmann, M. Schädel, A. Yakushev, A. Türler, K. Eberhardt, J.V. Kratz, D. Ackermann, L.-L. Andersson, M. Block, W. Brüchle, J. Dvorak, H. G. Essel, P. A. Ellison, J. Even, J. M. Gates, A. Gorshkov, R. Graeger, K. E. Gregorich, W. Hartmann, R.-D. Herzberg, F. P. Heßberger, D. Hild, A. Hübner, E. Jäger, J. Khuyagbaatar, B. Kindler, J. Krier, N. Kurz, S. Lahiri, D. Liebe, B. Lommel, M. Maiti, H. Nitsche, J. P. Omtvedt, E. Parr, D. Rudolph, J. Runke, B. Schausten, E. Schimpf, A. Semchenkov, J. Steiner, P. Thörle-Pospiech, J. Uusitalo, M. Wegrzecki, and N. Wiehl
    Production and Decay of Element 114: High Cross Sections and the New Nucleus 277Hs
  9. A. Semchenkov, W. Brüchle, E. Jäger, E. Schimpf, M. Schädel, C. Mühle, F. Klos, A. Türler, A. Yakushev, A. Belov, T. Belyakova, M. Kaparkova, V. Kukhtin, E. Lamzin, S. Sytchevsky
    The TransActinide Separator and Chemistry Apparatus (TASCA) at GSI – Optimization of ion-optical structures and magnet designs
  10. Eberhardt, K.; Brüchle, W.; Düllmann, Ch.E.; Gregorich, K.E.; Hartmann, W.; Hübner, A.; Jäger, E.; Kindler, B.; Kratz, J.V.; Liebe, D.; Lommel, B.; Maier, H.-J.; Schädel, M.; Schausten, B.; Schimpf, E.; Semchenkov, A.; Steiner, J.; Szerypo, J.; Thörle, P.; Türler, A.; Yakushev, A.
    Preparation of targets for the gas-filled recoil separator TASCA by electrochemical deposition and design of the TASCA target wheel assembly
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