Hall effect characterization

The Micro and Nanotechnology Laboratory at the University of Oslo (UiO MiNaLab) is equipped with two Hall effect measurement setups, allowing for both room-temperature and temperature dependent measurements. 

Hall effect measurements are employed to study the details of conduction in semiconductors and other materials. Such electronic properties include the sheet resistance, doping type/prevailing carrier type, carrier concentration, carrier mobility and the effect of a magnetic field.

Hall setups

  • Lake Shore HMS 7604:  Room-temperature and temperature dependent measurements.
  • Lake Shore HMS 7704A: Room-temperature and temperature dependent measurements.

Instruments Features

  • Sample size: 
    • Lake Shore 7604: up to 60 x 60 mm2 (room temperature only), or up to 10 x 14 mm2 for variable temperature.
    • Lake Shore HMS 7704A: up to 20 x 20 mm2.
  • Temperature ranges: 
    • Lake Shore 7604: 20 – 350 K.
    • Lake Shore HMS 7704A: 20 – 700 K.
  • Magnetic fields:
    • Lake Shore 7604: 1.3 / 1.0 T (room temperature/variable temperature).
    • Lake Shore HMS 7704A: 1.0 T.
  • Measurement range (for both instruments): 
    • Carrier concentration: 1 x 106 – 1 x 1019 cm-3.
    • Carrier mobility: 1 – 1 x 105 cm2/Vs
  • Sample mounting:
    • Lake Shore 7604: Requires soldering of contacts. 
    • Lake Shore HMS 7704A: Requires soldering of contacts 

Sample Preparation Equipment


The Hall effect systems are available for rent with or without an operator.

User Category Price without operator/hour Price with operator/hour
Academia 500 NOK 1250 NOK
Start-up 625 NOK 1725 NOK
Industry 750 NOK 1850 NOK

Prices are in Norwegian kroner (NOK) excl. VAT. All prices are subject to change. 
The reduced fees for start-up companies are available for the first 24 months after start-up. Training costs are currently covered by NorFab.


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