BATE – The Basic and Applied ThermoElectrics inititative

The mission of BATE is to participate in the international efforts to provide environmentally friendly and energy efficient heat-pumps and electricity generators through research emphasizing thermoelectric materials.


Thermoelectric module as cooler and thermoelectric generator

Thermoelectric materials can be used to convert temperature differences into electrical power using the thermoelectric effect. It also works the other way around, creating cooling from electrical power as in a Peltier device.

It is the interplay between the voltage at a given temperature difference (Seebeck coefficient), the electrical conductivity and the thermal conductivity that determines the energy efficiency of a thermoelectric material. One of our main tasks is to optimize these parameters.

Read more about thermoelectrics here.


Master Projects

BATE can offer projects within synthesis, modeling, measurements and structure studies. We have a close collaboration with Materials Physics group at SINTEF. A Master project will typically be a combination of the activities listed above.

If you are interested in a Master project at BATE you can contact one of the following persons:

Structure characterization: Øystein Prytz,

UiO, Department of Physics -


Transport properties and interface: Terje Finstad,

UiO, Department of Physics -


Application and inductrialization: Truls Norby,

UiO, Department of Chemistry -


Transport properties calculation: Ole Martin Løvvik,



Transport properties calculation: Espen Flage-Larsen,



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