Morten Hjorth-Jensen

Professor of Physics
Bilde av Morten Hjorth-Jensen
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Mobiltelefon Norway:+4748257387
Rom FØ470
Treffetider Any time via zoom
Besøksadresse Fysisk institutt Sem Sælands vei 24 0371 Oslo

Academic Interests

I am a theoretical physicist with a strong interest in computational physics and many-body theory in general, and the nuclear many-body problem and nuclear structure problems in particular. This means that I study various methods for solving either Schrödinger's equation or Dirac's equation for many interacting particles, spanning from algorithmic aspects to the mathematical properties of such methods. The latter also leads to a strong interest in computational physics as well as computational aspects of quantum mechanical methods ranging from traditional many-body methods to quantum computing and machine learning. You can find more about me and my research interests by going to my GitHub address or my homepage. See the latest talk on Machine Learning and Quantum Machine Learning.


Emneord: Many-body physics, Computational Physics, Computational quantum mechanics, Nuclear Physics, Quantum Computing, Machine Learning and Quantum Machine Learning
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