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History of the Department

The Department of Geosciences, University of Oslo in Norway is the broadest research-based geoscience teaching environment in Norway and covers most of the geosciences. The Department was founded in 2003.

Department of Geosciences, The Geology Building. Photo: GK Tjoflot

Department of Geosciences, The Geology Building. Photo: GK Tjoflot

The Department of Geosciences is University of Oslos unit for studies and research within the geosciences. The Department is relatively "young" established in 2003 by merging three departments of the Faculty of Mathematics and Sciences. The three long-established departments were:

  • The Department of Geography (physical geography)
  • The Department of Geophysics
  • The Geology Department

Academic profile

The geosciences are the studies of planet Earth; the atmosphere, the hydrosphere and cryosphere, the Earth's surface and it’s interior. The Department conducts research and teaching in most of the geoscience; geology (including petroleum geology), geophysics, physical geography, geomatics, hydrology, meteorology and oceanography. The Department is the broadest geoscience research and education environment in Norway.

The Department encompassing five sections; Meteorology and Oceanography, Geography and Hydrology, Geology and Geophysics, Physics of Geological Processes) and one CeO centre CEED - Centre of Earth Evolution and Dynamics. 

The staff consists of 40 professors and associate professors, in addition to postdoctoral fellows, PhD students, researchers, technical- and administrative staff. Approximately number of employees are 240 at the Department.


The Department of Geosciences offers three BSc programmes (only teached in Norwegian) and an international MSc programme: Geosciences (master's two years). The Department also contribute with the programme option CS: Geoscience in the Computational Science (master's two years).

In addition there are many PhD students affiliated to the Department.

See webpages for studies for more information.

Geology building

The Department is located in The Geology Building, Sem Sælandsvei 1, University of Oslo`s campus at Blindern, within walking distance of the other natural science buildings.

Read more about The Geology Building.


The Department with its geoscientific breadth has a large project portfolio with both self- and externally funded projects. Several of our researchers have received grants from EU`s ERC.

The Department participates in several research alliances and centres both in Norway and with partners in Europe. We have among others participated in / participate in these centres and initiatives:

Centres of Excellence (CoE):

Centre for Environment-friendly Energy Research (FME):

Other centres and initiatives:

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