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Floor contacts for fire safety

Overview of the floor contacts for fire safety at buildings where Department of Geosciences have offices and activities.

The Geology Building Floor responsible: Office/Unit:
4. floor: Thomas V. Schuler 402/GeoHyd-vit
3. floor: Kristian Backer-Owe 327/Teknisk-lab
2. floor: Mufak Said Naoroz 247C/Teknisk-lab
1. floor -  Aud 1 and 2: - -
1. floor: Anne Cathrine Modahl 111/Adm
Lower floor: Gunborg Bye Fjeld 241C/Teknisk-lab
Basement floor: Muriel Erambert 145C/Teknisk-lab
Kristine Bonnevies hus; MetOs:    
2. floor: Bjørg Rognerud 2413//Adm-teknisk
The ZEB-building, CEED:    
3. floor: Stephanie Werner 3.423/CEED-vit
2. floor: Alexander Minakov 2.307/CEED-vit
1. floor: Trine-Lise Gørbitz 1.206/Adm

Function description:

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