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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Olivier Galland Galland, Olivier Researcher +47 22856719
Picture of Leandro Cesar Gallo Gallo, Leandro Cesar Postdoctoral Fellow
Picture of Emiliano Gelati Gelati, Emiliano Postdoctoral Fellow Hydrology, Hydrological modelling, Water resources, Irrigation
Picture of Leiv Jacob Gelius Gelius, Leiv Jacob Professor +47 22855844 Geophysics, Imaging, Seismic signals, Reservoir geophysics, Environmental geophysics
Picture of Ming Geng Geng, Ming Postdoctoral Fellow
Picture of Federica Ghione Ghione, Federica Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Luc Girod Girod, Luc Senior Engineer Photogrammetry, Remote sensing, Glaciology
Picture of Kjersti Gisnås Gisnås, Kjersti Associate Professor Permafrost, Glaciology, Geomatics, Remote sensing
Picture of Marthe Grønlie Guren Guren, Marthe Grønlie Postdoctoral Fellow
Picture of Trine-Lise Knudsen Gørbitz Gørbitz, Trine-Lise Knudsen Head of Office +47 22856435
Picture of William Martin Hagopian Hagopian, William Martin Senior Engineer
Picture of Emma Michie Haines Haines, Emma Michie Postdoctoral Fellow Geology, Structural geology, CO2 storage, Petroleum geology
Picture of Henrik Nygaard Hansen Hansen, Henrik Nygaard Sedimentology, Diagenesis, Reservoir geophysics
Picture of Muhammad Hassaan Hassaan, Muhammad Researcher +47 46588077
Picture of Petra Hatalova Hatalova, Petra Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Vanja Haugland Haugland, Vanja Senior Executive Officer +47 22857040 student administration, FS, Canvas, Erasmus, exchange program, bachelor
Picture of Michael Heeremans Heeremans, Michael Senior Engineer +47 22856615
Picture of Helge Hellevang Hellevang, Helge Professor +47 22857026 +47 90613526 Geology, Geochemistry, Gas-fluid-rock interactions, CO2 storage
Picture of Franziska Hellmuth Hellmuth, Franziska Doctoral Research Fellow Meteorology, Snow, Clouds, Remote sensing, Climate modelling
Picture of Kari  Henningsmoen Henningsmoen, Kari Førsteamanuensis Emerita
Picture of Silvia Hess Hess, Silvia Senior Engineer +47 48101157 Geology, Environmental geology, Micropalaeontology, Stratigraphy, Benthic foraminifera
Picture of Björn Holger Heyn Heyn, Björn Holger Researcher Geodynamics, Mantle Convection, Geophysics, Seismology, Numerical Modeling, Numerical simulations
Picture of Regine Hock Hock, Regine Professor +47 22855804
Picture of Stefan Hofer Hofer, Stefan Postdoctoral Fellow Meteorology
Picture of Nora Holden Holden, Nora Doctoral Research Fellow