Technical/Administrative staff

Persons 1 - 25 of 31
Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Salahalldin Akhavan Akhavan, Salahalldin Senior Engineer +47 22854102 +47 98645806
Picture of Jørn Viljar Arnesen Arnesen, Jørn Viljar Senior Engineer +47 22855749 System administrator, Windows
Picture of Kristian Backer-Owe Backer-Owe, Kristian Senior Engineer +47 22856640
Picture of Kjetil Bakke Bakke, Kjetil Senior Engineer +47 22856699 +47 91360385 IT support
Picture of Karl Johan Ullavik Bakken Bakken, Karl Johan Ullavik Adviser +47 22856673 Student administration, TP, Admission (MSc), Master programme, Canvas (LMS), FS, ePhorte, EPN
Picture of Kristian Bjelbøle Bakken Bakken, Kristian Bjelbøle Adviser +47 22854447 Student administration, FS, ePhorte, Bachelor programme
Picture of Marie Berstad Berstad, Marie Senior Executive Officer +47 22857041 Student and Academic Administration
Picture of Catherine Braathen Braathen, Catherine Senior Adviser +47 22856684
Picture of Trond Eiken Eiken, Trond Senior Engineer +47 22857913 Photogrammetry, GNSS
Picture of Muriel Marie Laure Erambert Erambert, Muriel Marie Laure Senior Engineer +47 22856687 Geology, Metamorphic petrology, Electron microprobe
Picture of Bernd  Etzelmüller Etzelmüller, Bernd Head of Department +47 22857229 +47 90631089 Glaciology, Cryosphere, Permafrost, Geohazards, Geomorphology, Geomorphometry
Picture of Gunborg Bye Fjeld Fjeld, Gunborg Bye Head Engineer +47 22858187 +47 92882297
Picture of Trine-Lise Knudsen Gørbitz Gørbitz, Trine-Lise Knudsen Head of Office +47 22856435
Picture of Vanja Haugland Haugland, Vanja Senior Executive Officer +47 22857040 student administration, FS, Canvas, Erasmus, exchange program, bachelor
Picture of Michael Heeremans Heeremans, Michael Senior Engineer +47 22856615
Picture of John Hulth Hulth, John Head Engineer +47 22 85 59 20 +47 41 39 25 55
Picture of Anne Gunhild Innes Innes, Anne Gunhild Adviser +47 22855869 PhD, Parat, ePhorte, student administration, exams
Picture of Ann-Christin Jäger Jäger, Ann-Christin Senior Executive Officer +47 22856618
Picture of Kaveh Karimi Karimi, Kaveh Senior Engineer +47 41385550
Picture of Magnus Kristoffersen Kristoffersen, Magnus Senior Engineer zircon, U-Pb, Lu-Hf, ICPMS
Picture of Mufak Said Naoroz Naoroz, Mufak Said Senior Engineer +47 22856661
Picture of Sara Nettum Nettum, Sara Senior Executive Officer +47 22854061 The research school DEEP, DEEP
Picture of Sofie Hildegard Ryen Ryen, Sofie Hildegard Senior Executive Officer +47 22854061 The research school DEEP, DEEP
Picture of Trine Sannesmoen Sannesmoen, Trine Senior Executive Officer +47 22855219 CEED, CEED\; CoE\; UiO
Picture of Petter Silkoset Silkoset, Petter Senior Engineer +47 22856111