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Picture of Joshua Neilson Bostic Bostic, Joshua Neilson
Picture of Coline Lili Mathy Bouchayer Bouchayer, Coline Lili Mathy Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Gijsbert Dirk Breedveld Breedveld, Gijsbert Dirk Adjunct Professor +47 22856685 +47 93222345 Environmental geology, Contaminants in geosystems
Picture of Asbjørn Breivik Breivik, Asbjørn Associate Professor +47 22856676 Marine geophysics, Magmatic processes, Hot-spot ridge interaction
Picture of Hans Brenna Brenna, Hans Doctoral Research Fellow Meteorology
Picture of John Peter Brodholt Brodholt, John Peter Adjunct Professor
Picture of Nikki Brown Brown, Nikki Postdoctoral Fellow Oceanography
Picture of Alvar Braathen Braathen, Alvar Professor +47 22856664 Geology, Structural geology, Groundwater, Petroleum geology, CO2 storage
Picture of Susanne Janita Henriet Buiter Buiter, Susanne Janita Henriet
Picture of John Faulkner Burkhart Burkhart, John Faulkner Professor +47 96825011 Hydrology, Cryosphere, Energy challenges, Water resources management, Uncertainty analyses
Picture of Eli Børve Børve, Eli Doctoral Research Fellow Oceanography
Picture of Sara Callegaro Callegaro, Sara Researcher
Picture of Razvan Caracas Caracas, Razvan Researcher
Picture of Tim Carlsen Carlsen, Tim Researcher +47 22855817 Meteorology
Cepeda, Jose Senior Lecturer
Chaudhary, Nitin Researcher
Chen, Hanbo Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Kai Håkon Christensen Christensen, Kai Håkon Adjunct Professor +47 91734157 Oceanography
Picture of Clinton Phillips Conrad Conrad, Clinton Phillips Professor +47 22854092 Geodynamics, Geophysics, Tectonics
Cordonnier, Benoit Researcher
Picture of Fernando Corfu Corfu, Fernando Professor Emeritus Geology, Mineralogy, Geochemistry, Geochronology, Isotop geology
Picture of Romain Corseri Corseri, Romain PhD Fellow (Industry) +47 974 87 906
Picture of Fabio Crameri Crameri, Fabio Researcher
Czekirda, Justyna Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Barrie Dale Dale, Barrie Professor Emeritus +47 22854214 Geology, Environmental geology, Micropalaeontology, Palynology, Stratigraphy