Research in the MicroPalLab. Pictures are from left: I) A foraminifera living on the seafloor. Photo: E. Alve. Microfossils: II) Rhaetipollis germanicus (pollen), III) Rhaetogonyaulax rhaetica (dinoflagelatte cyst). The palynomorphs are Late Triassic in age (ca 210 million years old), and taken from the Kössen Formation, Austria. Photo/Microscopy II/III: W. Kürschner.

The Micropaleontology- and Palynological Lab (MicroPalLab) is used by two research disciplines. The facilities are used both for cultivation, extraction and identification of living and dead seafloor micro-organisms, and to study sedimentary organic matter and palynomorphs (organic walled microfossils) from sedimentary rock samples. The MicroPalLab is used both in research- and teaching activities at the Dept. of Geosciences.

A perfect thin section from the workshop. Photo: Hans Fredrik Asbjørnsen, UiO

The Dept. of Geosciences has a workshop and laboratory for preparation of thin sections of geological materials. With long experience making such for research, teaching and industry we offer high quality preparation of thin sections as required for further microscopy and microanalysis.