About research

The Department has Norway’s broadest range in geoscience research and teaching. This breadth is a result of the amalgamation in 2003 of three departments at UiO, Physical Geography, Geophysics and Geology.

A thin section of a rock sample (Photo: HF Asbjørnsen, UiO).

Photo: Hans Fredrik Asbjørnsen, UiO

Research is carried out on all the planet’s processes, from the interior of the Earth to the outermost atmosphere. This work is characterised by fieldwork in many parts of the world with a wide spectrum of analyses in our own laboratories and computer based modelling and analytical tools.

The Department of Geosciences at university of Oslo is organised as five sections, but most research is done in more or less formal research groups which span these subdivisions.  Four of these groups in particular demonstrate this interdisciplinary nature and show the way in which the Department is moving forward:

The Department co-operates extensively in research with both public and private institutions, and has and is a contributor to various research centres, amongst which:

In order to support this research we have several advanced research laboratories and other infrastructure.

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