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Changes at the Top of the World through Volcanism and Plate Tectonics: NOR-R-AM2

Logo of the Changes at the Top of the World through Volcanism and Plate Tectonics: NOR-R-AM2-project

About the project

We aim to use the existent Arctic research and education platform built at the University of Oslo (CEED and GEO), with UNIS (Svalbard) and, together with our partners from Canada, Russia and USA to develop an Arctic-centred project that will target the entire Arctic geoscience community and will educate the new generation of students interested in Arctic's present and past natural environments.

NOR-R-AM2 will add to the activities started during NOR-R-AM1 which supported the formation of an international group from Arctic countries (Norway, Russia, USA and Canada) whose participants (1) work towards a common scientific goal, (2) have established a new joint-graduate courses where their research topics are communicated to the new generation of geoscientists and (3) will continue to identify, plan and develop future large, collaborative research initiatives in the Arctic.

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The main goals of this project will be: (1) to complete and launch the digital Circum-Arctic platform building on the NOR-R-AM1 results, (2) to improve the curriculum of the UNIS course on Arctic Tectonics and Volcanism (10 ECTS) which combines field work with the digital Circum-Arctic platform, (3) to involve the students in advanced studies of seismology and geochronology by using the state-of-the-art data and methods developed by our partners in Canada and USA by organising short courses and common projects, and (4) to advance our knowledge on Arctic's paleogeography and paleoclimate by using geological knowledge and complementary proxies analysed by all NOR-R-AM partners.


The project 'Changes at the Top of the World through Volcanism and Plate Tectonics is financed as a INTPART-International Partnerships for Excellent Education and Research by the Research Council of Norway/NFR. The NFR-project number 309477. 

The project period is from 2020 to 2024.


The project is lead by Professor Carmen Gaina, from the Norwegian Centre of Excellence CEED (Centre for Earth Evolution and Dynamics) / Department of Geosciences, UiO, and is a collaboration with other world leading groups in Arctic geosciences:


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Carmen Gaina, Professor and Project Leader