Autumn 2018

Schedule for the Hylleraas seminars, Autumn 2018

Date  Place  Speaker 1  Speaker 2 
10.8.2018  Oslo  David Tozer (Calculation of Negative Electron Affinities: A Simple DFT Scheme Based on Density Scaling)  
17.8.2018  Tromsø    
24.8.2018  Oslo  Einar Uggerud (CO2 fixation: Reductive activation of carbon dioxide followed by C–C bond formation) Einar Uggerud
31.8.2018  Tromsø    
7.9.2018  Tromsø Swapan Chakrabarti (Phosphorescence: How Theory Meets Experiments) Swapan Chakrabarti
14.9.2018  Oslo Piotr Stefanowicz (Derivatization with ionization tags in peptide analysis by mass spectrometry) Piotr Stefanowicz
21.9.2018  Oslo Sangita Sen ( A local tensor that unifies kinetic energy density and vorticity dependent exchange-correlation functionals) Simen Kvaal (Visual profile of the Hylleraas centre)
28.9.2018  Oslo Michele Casella (title) Michele
5.10.2018  Tromsø   Speaker (title) Speaker (title)
12.10.2018  Tromsø  Lukas Konecny Speaker (title)
19.10.2018  Oslo  Gustav Baardsen  (The divide-expand-consolidate (DEC) MP2 method for extended systems)  
26.10.2018  Tromsø  Andrej Antusek Speaker (title)
9.11.2018  Tromsø Maarten Beerepoot  
16.11.2018 Tromsø Jogvan Magnus Haugaard Olsen Speaker (title)
23.11.2018  Tromsø Marc Joosten Speaker (title)
30.11.2018  Oslo  Trygve Helgaker (Closed-shell molecular paramagnetism) Trygve Helgaker
7.12.2018  Tromsø Laura Liikanen Karen Dundas
14.12.2018  Oslo  Morten Hjorth-Jensen (Many-body methods, from variational ones to machine learning approaches) Morten Hjorth-Jensen

For enquiries about the seminar please contact Simen Reine (Oslo) or Michal Repisky (Tromsø)

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