Spring 2018

Schedule for the Hylleraas seminars, Spring 2018

Date  Place  Speaker 1  Speaker 2 
5.1.2018  Oslo  Raphael Peltzer (Title)   
12.1.2018    DALTON meeting  
19.1.2018  Tromsø  Glenn Morello  (title)  Stig Rune Jensen (title) 
26.1.2018  Oslo  Helene Bolvin (title)  Helene Bolvin 
2.2.2018  Tromsø     
9.2.2018  Oslo  Luca Gristanti (SISSA - Trieste)   
16.2.2018  Oslo  Andre Laestadius Andre Laestadius 
23.2.2018  Oslo  Ken Schäfer (Simulating the Self-Assembly of charged surfactants)  Talk about Kristin
2.3.2018  Tromsø  Bin Gao (Software Engineering in Computational Chemistry - Personal Thoughts Kathrin Hopmann (Selectivity!)
9.3.2018  Tromsø  Marius Kadek  
16.3.2018  Oslo     
23.3.2018  Tromsø  Marc Joosten  
6.4.2018   Oslo  Peter Schwerdtfeger (When Gold Meets Relativity) Peter Schwerdtfeger
13.4.2018  Tromsø Karen Dundas Magnar Bjørgve
17.4.2018 Oslo Örs Legeza (Tensor product methods and entanglement optimization for strongly correlated systems)  Örs Legeza
20.4.2018  Oslo  Agustí Lledós (Radical Pathways in Organometallic Chemistry: A Mechanistic Picture)  Agustí Lledós
27.4.2018  Tromsø  Marc Obst Anders Brakestad
4.5.2018    PhD defence Glenn Miller (Oslo only)  
11.5.2018  Oslo  Lluis Artus Suarez (Computational study on amide hydrogenolysis to methanol and amine​)  
18.5.2018  Oslo Jürgen Gauss (The future of the electron-correlation problem: what about full configuration interaction) Jürgen Gauss
25.5.2018  Oslo  Achille Giacometti (Pattern of Symmetry Breaking and Emergence of New Phases in Biopolymers)  Tatjana Skrbic (The elixir phase of chain molecules) 
1.6.2018  Oslo  Julie Héron (title) Sverre Løyland (title)
8.6.2018  Tromsø  Ljiljana Pavlovic (title)  Karolina Solheimslid Eikås (title) 
15.6.2018  Oslo  Susi Lehtola (title)  Susi Lehtola
22.6.2018  Tromsø  Reserved   

For enquiries about the seminar please contact Simen Reine (Oslo) or Michal Repisky (Tromsø)

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