Spring 2019

Schedule for the Hylleraas seminars, Spring 2019

Date  Place  Speaker 1  Speaker 2 
4.1.2019      DALTON meeting 
18.1.2019  Oslo Markus Penz - Abstract Density Functional Theory Markus Penz
25.1.2019      Haraldvollen
1.2.2019 Oslo   Jonathan Smith - Chemical Reaction Dynamics: Insights from Theory and Experiment Jonathan Smith
8.2.2019 Oslo   Torstein Fjermestad - Stability Trends in the MoVOx Mixed Metal Oxide Catalyst  
15.3.20119 Tromsø  Ljiljana Pavlovic  
22.3.2019 Oslo  Susanne Viefers - Quantum technology and low-dimensional physics Susanne Viefers 
29.3.2019  Tromsø  Marc Obst  
19.4.2019     Easter
26.4.2019  Oslo  Håkon Kristiansen - Time-dependent coupled-cluster theory for atoms and molecules in intense laser fields  
3.5.2019  Tromsø  Karolina Solheimslid Eikås Karen Dundas
10.5.2019  Oslo  Sigbjørn Bore  
17.5.2019      17. May
24.5.2019  Tromsø  Magnar Bjørgve Anders Brakestad
31.5.2019      Reserved 
7.6.2019  Oslo  Michiko Atsumi Abril Castro
14.6.2019  Tromsø  Camilla Coletti Valerio Voliani
21.6.2019  Oslo  Thibaud Freyd - Investigation of Lmo0818, a putative Listeria monocytogenes Ca2+-ATPase crystallised in a ”truly” E2-P state via Molecular Dynamics simulations  
28.6.2019  Oslo Alexandre Bezante - Real Time Coupled Cluster: a new take on reduced scaling for response properties Alexandre

For enquiries about the seminar please contact Simen Reine (Oslo) or Michal Repisky (Tromsø)

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