New employees

Routines for new hirings

The supervisor of the new employee is responsible for ensuring all points of this list is actually done:

  1. Work contract (Ørjan Pretorius)
    • have it ready 6-8 weeks prior to start date
  2. Read carefully the instruction on ISMO (support for incoming international staff) as soon as you get the position
    • you can get assistance/guidance from them by filling out an online form
  3. Laptop (Jan Ingar)
    • order before arrival. May take up to 8 weeks, but typically 2-3 weeks
  4. Practical assistance (Jan Ingar, ISMO)
    • ID number/temporary D-number. Book appointment with police in due time before arrival (see ISMO instructions) - this step takes time
    • order tax card (online) as soon as you have ID or D number
    • bank account (requires ID or D-number) - this step may take long (see ISMO instructions)
    • housing (see ISMO), some landlords require ID or D number. A deposit account, usually 3 months rent deposit, is typically paid to a norwegian bank account. Need to be clarified with landlord.
    • any other contract (electricity, cell phone, internet) requires a ID or D number. 
  5. Onboarding (Trygve)
  6. Introduction of the new employee to the centre
    • e-mail on the first day at UiO (supervisor/Trygve)
    • introduction at first Hylleraas Seminar (David)
    • get-together with YRP-UiO (Samiran and Mahika)
    • give a seminar soon after the hiring (David)
  7. Salary (Jan Ingar)
    • registrer your bank account before you arrive
    • payment the 12th of each month
  8. Office (Jan Ingar)
  9. Office key (Runar Staveli)
  10. Temporary guest card, if needed (Administration office)
  11. Username and email address (Bjørn Helland-Hansen)
  12. E-mail lists at the Department 
    • PhD or postdoc (Anna Clarissa Gärtner)
    • Researcher or permanent staff member (Bjørn Helland-Hansen)
  13. Personal page at the Department (Elina Melteig)
    • Profile picture (Øystein Foss)
  14. E-mail lists at Hylleraas (Simen R)
  15. Person-pages at Hylleraas (Simen R)
  16. Employee Card (SiO Customer Service Centre)
    • ensure you get access to the Hylleraas floors and rooms
  17. Access and use of the Self-service portal (Jan Ingar)
  18. Norwegian course (Jan Ingar)
  19. NOTUR access (Simen R)
  20. Fire safety course (?)
  21. HSE session, without the lab-related content (Eva Kathrin Lang ?)
  22. Motivational interview (supervisor)
  23. Career development plan (supervisor, Trygve)
  24. Application to the doctoral school, for PhD students (supervisor)

Corrections/updates to this list can be sent to Simen R.

Published May 20, 2021 3:52 PM - Last modified Sep. 6, 2021 2:16 PM