Routines for phd defences

Here we summarise the routines for PhD defences

The supervisor of the PhD student is responsible for ensuring all points of this list is done:

  1. Inform Jan Ingar about the defence in due time (supervisor)
  2. Announcement on the Department pages (Anna Clarissa Gärtner)
  3. Announcement on Hylleraas pages (Simen R)
  4. E-mail announcement(s) to hylleraas mailing list (supervisor)
    • week(s) in advance (supervisor)
    • same week (supervisor)
    • same day (Trygve)
  5. Room booking (Anna Clarissa Gärtner)
    • technical room not supported in combination with a digital defence
    • clear with technical staff (Morten Berntsen)
    • delegate room technician (supervisor)
    • test room in due time
  6. Gift from centre (supervisor)
    • buy present and card
    • signatures
    • refund through payment system
  7. Cake (Jan Ingar)
    • order two days in advance
  8. Bobbles (supervisor delegates)
  9. Opponents
    • dinner evening before (supervisor, Jan Ingar)
    • lunch same day (3rd opponent) 
  10. News item (supervisor and Simen R)
    • prepare news item in advance
    • publish immediately after the defence (hylleraas pages, facebook, twitter)
  11. Dinner (PhD candidate)

Corrections/updates to this list can be sent to Simen R.

Published May 20, 2021 4:11 PM - Last modified May 21, 2021 12:02 PM