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Research interests

Genetic engineering of metal nanoparticles reduction genes in E. coli

The ability of some bacteria to reduce precious metal salts such as gold or palladium salts has been a center of attention lately because it could be used in the bioremediation of toxic heavy metal waste, and at the same time produce "bionanoparticles" as end products which could be used as catalysts for many chemistry applications. The mechanisms involved in the bionanoparticles formation are not fully understood and still need further investigation. In our project, we are trying to discover the enzymes involved in the reduction of Au(III) to Au(0) and Pd(II) to Pd(0) in E. coli in order to genetically engineer them to optimize the end product characteristics (morphology, size, location, charge, catalytic properties etc...).

Interestingly, previous experiments on Pd showed that the biologically produced Pd(0) also has magnetic properties. Therefore, we are also trying to investigate the mechanism of nanoparticle magnetism.


Academic Background

Master degree in Biotechnology, 2015

I did this degree in the Autonomous University of Madrid (Spain), my research was in the field of second generation Biofuel. The general idea was to improve the enzymes invloved in the Biofuel production to tolerate high temperatures and low pH conditions required for the production by the use of a new method called "enzyme resurrection".

Bachelor's degree in Biotechnology, 2011

This degree was done in Misr University of Science & Technology (Egypt), the research was in the field of Nanobiotechnology. We developed special magnetic nanoparticles linked to polyclonal antibodies against Coxsackievirus B (a virus that has no cure or targeted drug) to be injected later in the blood stream of the patient as a method to decrease the viral load by using a technique similar to kidney dialysis.  


Other unofficial degrees:

Master degree in Nanotechnology, 2012 

Was done in the Technion Insitute of Technology (Israel).

Diploma in Astrophysics, 2014

Was done online from the Australian National University (Australia). 



Tags: Bioremdiation, Biometallurgy, Bionanotechnology
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