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Picture of Reidunn Birgitta Aalen Aalen, Reidunn Birgitta Professor +47 22854437 Life sciences
Picture of Halvor Aarnes Aarnes, Halvor Professor Emeritus +47 22854669 Plant physiology, Plant anatomy, Plant ecophysiology, Stressphysiology in plants
Aarnes, Halvor Professor Emeritus +47 22854669
Picture of Ida Aasebø Aasebø, Ida Researcher
Picture of Rein Aasland Aasland, Rein Professor 92425456
Abdullah, Mohamed Ibrahim Professor Emeritus
Picture of Mette Dalgaard Agersted Agersted, Mette Dalgaard Postdoctoral Fellow - Section for Aquatic Biology and Toxicology +4746522524 Zooplankton, Arctic marine ecosystems, Pelagic ecology, Trophic interactions
Picture of Erman Akkus Akkus, Erman Visiting researcher Cell Signaling and Cancer
Picture of Ejigu Alemayehu Worku Alemayehu Worku, Ejigu PhD Candidate Behavioural ecology, Conservation biology, Mountain nyala, livestock grazing impact, Habitat suitability, Trophy hunting
Picture of Diress Tsegaye Alemu Alemu, Diress Tsegaye Forsker +47 22854628
Picture of Renate Alling Alling, Renate Stipendiat Post-zygotic hybridization barriers, Plant Sciences, Evolution, Epigenetics, Genetics
Picture of Rita Amundsen Amundsen, Rita
Anders, Jason Lee Postdoctoral Fellow
Picture of Tom Andersen Andersen, Tom Professor +47 22854519 Dymaical modelling, Limnology, Ecosystem functioning, Biogeochemistry, Food webs, Biostatistics, Ecological stoichiometry, Biodiversity, Ecological regime shifts
Anderson, Per Heldal Head Engineer
Andrew, Carrie Joy
Picture of Clare Margaret Andvik Andvik, Clare Margaret
Picture of Sood Athumani Ndimuligo Athumani Ndimuligo, Sood PhD Candidate
Picture of Lane Margaret Atmore Atmore, Lane Margaret Stipendiat
Picture of Helle Tessand Baalsrud Baalsrud, Helle Tessand Postdoctoral Fellow
Picture of Oddmund Bakke Bakke, Oddmund Professor +47 22855787
Picture of Julia M.I. Barth Barth, Julia M.I. Postdoctoral Fellow Atlantic cod, Population genomics, Conservation genetics
Bechkov, Constantin Stipendiat
Picture of Andreas Beesoo-Amundsen Beesoo-Amundsen, Andreas Senior Executive Officer +47 22856040
Picture of Mads Bengtsen Bengtsen, Mads Forsker +47 22859085