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Booking and prices

Booking: Please note that a request does not mean that the room is booked. 
We have reached the facilitys's capacity limits and we have to prioritise.

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Contact information: 

Facility Manager: Cecilie Mathiesen
Location: Blindernveien 31
0371 Oslo, Norway


  • Climate controlled phytotron rooms: 16 climate controlled phytotron rooms with controlled temperature, humidity and light. (8 approved for GMO).
  • Climate controlled daylight rooms: 6 climate controlled daylight rooms with controlled temperature and humidity.
  • Plant growth chamber: 3 plant growth chamber A1000 (Conviron) are located in GMO facility

Description of services:

  • Facility for climate controlled plant growth
  • Facility for climate controlled GMO plant growth (security level S3)
  • Laboratories: Supporting laboratories in each zone with standard plant laboratory instrumentation.
  • Refrigerated rooms: The facility has 5 cooling and 2 freezer rooms.
  • Teaching laboratories: Teaching laboratories for 40 students next to the plant facility, sharing the same supporting labs.


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