Imaris visualization and analysis tool

This is a software module that is used for studying functionality, visualization, segmentation and interpretation of 3D and 4D microscopy datasets

Imaris features:

  •     Premier Volume Rendering
  •     Surfaces, Segmentation and Interaction
  •     Spots, Segmentation and Interaction
  •     Interactive, Intuitive; Navigation and Selection
  •     Smart Handling of Huge Images
  •     Animations and Movies
  •     Multithreading & Advanced Graphics
  •     Image Editing
  •     Time
  •     Calibration
  •     Topography

Imaris provides a complete set of features for working with three- and four-dimensional multi-channel images of any size, from a few megabytes to multiple gigabytes in size. It is possible to load, process and visualize images acquired from almost any confocal and wide field microscope to gain new and insight from your image data.    


More information available at

For more information about this software package please contact Frode Skjeldal

Published Dec. 2, 2020 9:00 AM - Last modified Dec. 2, 2020 9:00 AM