Olympus FV1000 Inverted, room 3604

This microscope is a set up for live cell imaging.

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Information about the microscope:

This system it is set up for live cell imaging and allows efficient detection of fluorescence with a high sensitivity, which minimizes the damage to living cells. A confocal has improved image quality because it filters information from out-of-plane light sources. Samples can be imaged in layers by moving the focal plane in precise steps through it with the IX81 motorized z-drive objective movers. It is possible to take several images per second or for long-term experiments with longer time-intervals.



  •     Heating chamber
  •     CO2 controller
  •     Motorized stage control for multi-location time lapse imaging

Laser lines:

  •     4 diode lasers:
    •         405 nm
    •         478 nm
    •         559 nm
    •         635 nm 


Magnification Type Numerical Aperture Working distance(mm) Immersion
20x UplanApo  0.7 0.65 -
40x Semi-Apo  0.85 0.2 -
60x  PlanApo 1.1 0.13 Oil
100x UPlanFLN 1.3 0.2 Oil









More information on the objectives on the Olympus webpage

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