Olympus FV1000 Upright, room 2616

The BX81WI is an upright microscope for fixed cells and physiological experiments.

Imaging platform


Information about the microscope


The microscope is designed to prevent user induced vibration, all operational controls like the front coarse and fine focusing mechanism and the mechanical filter wheel are located far from the specimen. A high-precision Z-drive is integrated and motorized.

 Laser lines:

  • Diode: 405 nm
  • Multi-line Argon lasers: 457-488-515 nm
  • HeNe-Green laser: 543 nm
  • HeNe-Red laser: 633 nm 


Magnification Type Numerical Aperture Working Distance (mm) Immersion
4x UplanApo 0.16 13 -
20x LumpPlanFl 0.5 3.3 Water
40x LumpPlanFl    0.8 3.3 Water
60x LumpPlanFl    0.9  2 Water
60x PlanApo    1.4  0.15 Oil
60x PlanApo    1.35  0.1 Oil

For more information on the objectives see the Olympus webpage.

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