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Digital infrastructure and security (DIS)

This section encompasses three research groups whose overarching research team is computer communications and computer security.

Within communications everything from transmission of packets (both on wired and wireless links) to high level programs that facilitate viable and secure communication between applications are covered. Within security the research spans a wide area of themes within information security and cyber security.

Digital Security (SEC)

The vision of the SEC research group is to strengthen the security in our ICT infrastructure by producing practical research outcomes for detecting and blocking cyber threats, and by giving students skills in cyber security which will enable them to build a secure ICT infrastructure in the future.

Distributed MultiMedia Systems (DMMS)

The DMMS research group is aiming to improve future networks and middleware for advanced multimedia applications. Multimedia does not only mean audio and video, but also sensor data of any kind, e.g. in the Internet of Things.

Networks and Distributed Systems (ND)

The ND group investigate paradigms, architectures, and methods that facilitate creation of better networked applications. The research emphases user satisfaction in particular with respect to reliability, speed and low delay.


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