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PhD Committee at the Department of Informatics

The PhD Committee at the Department of Informatics is the department's contact point for the PhD programme council at the MN Faculty. The PhD Committee receives and evaluates all applications related to the PhD programme at IFI. This includes applications for admission to the PhD programme, project extensions, changing advisors, and disputations. The PhD Committee is committed to ensuring the quality of PhD education at IFI - from the announcement of positions to disputations - and prepares local guidelines to support this goal.

News (updated 17.12.2021)

  • New template for the project description in applications to admissions to the PhD programme.

Contact information

Composition of the committee

  • Head of the PhD committee
  • Academic employee(s) from the Department
  • Representative(s) for the ph.d. candidates

Members of the Ph.d. committee

Petter Nielsen
Associate professor (head of PhD)
Lilja Øvrelid
Are Magnus Bruaset
Professor II
Maja Van Der Velden
Image may contain: Person, Face, Hair, Eyebrow, Forehead. Ragnhild Bassøe Gundersen​​​​
PhD candidate
Mozhdeh S. Harat
Senior adviser (PhD coordinator)

Emma Stensby Norstein
PhD candidate (deputy)

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Pernille Nordby
Adviser (PhD koordinator)

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Dag T Wisland

Professor (deputy)


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