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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Stine Hverven Thon Thon, Stine Hverven Doctoral Research Fellow
Thygesen, Sander Bøe
Picture of Samia Touileb Touileb, Samia language technology, Natural Language Processing, Computational Linguistics, Machine Learning
Picture of Gianluca Turin Turin, Gianluca Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Aslak Tveito Tveito, Aslak Professor +47 67828282 +47 90687348
Picture of Lars Tveito Tveito, Lars Universitetslektor
Picture of Jim Tørresen Tørresen, Jim Professor +47 22852454 +4792846669 Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Adaptable Systems, Reconfigurable hardware, Biology-inspired Computing, Evolutionary Computing, Evolvable Hardware
Picture of Bjørnar Valbø Valbø, Bjørnar Doctoral Research Fellow DHIS2, EMIS, ICT4D, P4D
Picture of Maja Van Der Velden Van Der Velden, Maja Professor +47 22852816 anthropology of technology, circular economy, design justice, ethics, feminist technoscience, gender, intersectionality, sustainability, sustainable digitalisation, systems thinking
Picture of Marieke van Otterdijk van Otterdijk, Marieke Researcher HRI, Robotics, Interaction Design, Health Care, User Studies
Picture of Frank Veenstra Veenstra, Frank Postdoctoral Fellow
Veeraragavan, Narasimha Raghavan Førsteamanuensis
Picture of Erik Velldal Velldal, Erik Professor +47 22840119 Machine Learning, NLP, computational linguistics, AI, artificial intelligence, Natural Language Processing, language technology, language engineering
Picture of Guri Birgitte Verne Verne, Guri Birgitte Førstelektor +47 22840993
Vihovde, Eva Hadler Senior Lecturer
Picture of Kamer Vishi Vishi, Kamer Information & Computer Security, Biometrics, Penetration testing, Ethical Hacking, Cyber Security, Cryptoanalysis, Web development, Keyboard player
Picture of Roman Vitenberg Vitenberg, Roman Professor +47 22850493 social networks, dependability, fog computing, middleware, blockchain, cloud computing, distributed systems
Volnes, Espen Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Michael Welzl Welzl, Michael Professor +47 22852420 +47 47346201 Network, Internet, transport layer
Picture of Dag Trygve Eckhoff Wisland Wisland, Dag Trygve Eckhoff Professor +47 22852705 +47 91367679
Wold, Alexander Associate Professor +47 22840897
Picture of Arild Torolv Søetorp Waaler Waaler, Arild Torolv Søetorp Professor +47 22840055
Picture of Ingrid Chieh Yu Yu, Ingrid Chieh Associate Professor +47 22845525
Picture of Min Zhang Zhang, Min
Zhang, Wen Postdoctoral Fellow
Picture of Yan Zhang Zhang, Yan Professor 48881909 Energy Informatics; Edge intelligence, Blockchain, 6G/5G Beyond, Digital Twin
Picture of Yangyang Zhao Zhao, Yangyang Førsteamanuensis +47 22840926 Organizational learning, Human-centered design, Systems engineering, Complex systems, Disruptive innovation and Open innovation
Picture of Baifan Zhou Zhou, Baifan Researcher Machine Learning, Semantic Technologies, Industry 4.0
Picture of Mateusz Zych Zych, Mateusz Doctoral Research Fellow Security, Cybersecurity, Sikkerhet, Cybersikkerhet, CTI, SOAR
Picture of Petter Øgland Øgland, Petter Visiting Researcher
Picture of Peter Csaba Ølveczky Ølveczky, Peter Csaba Professor +47 22852498
Picture of Joar Martin Østby Østby, Joar Martin Associate Professor
Picture of Egil Øvrelid Øvrelid, Egil Postdoctoral Fellow
Picture of Lilja Øvrelid Øvrelid, Lilja Professor +47 22840850 language technology, Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, Computational Linguistics
Picture of Margunn Aanestad Aanestad, Margunn Adjunct Professor +47 22852545